5 reasons & solutions for Bloated stomach

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5 Reasons for Bloated Stomach

Feeling bloated stomach is the worst thing to go through, there are many reason for it. It could be too much of water, salt or sugar. Changing few habits can remove bloat away.

Top 5 reasons for Bloated Stomach

1. Salt

Excess of Sodium increases fluid buildup which increases blood volume which results in extra load on heart.

2. Carbs

Carbs gives us the engery to do arduous activities. It’s not just gluten but many carbs rich foods cause bloating. Carbs indirectly increases the pressure on digestive tract due to which carbs get partially digested and rest of it results in GAS!

3. Sugar

One study in 2006 found that 72% of patients with abdominal bloating and excessive wind had some problem with the absorption of lactose, fructose or sorbitol (a sweetener originally derived from fruit but now commercially produced).

4. Soda

Sodas are made of sugar and gas, which holds water in our body and makes us bloated. When we drink them, most of the gas stays in digestive system. By burp most of it may go away but some passes in our intestines and result is Bloated Stomach

5. Fat

Fats are required to build nerve walls and hormones. Too much of fat makes you look bloated because body takes longer to break it down.

5 Solutions  for Bloated Stomach

1. Sugar cut

Stop buying processed foods, replace tea with green tea or black coffee. Cut on soda, alcohol and preservatives. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Salt cut

1 teaspoon salt = 2,300 mg sodium is the average salt intake. 75% of salt comes from the pre-packaged, processed and junk foods. Cut on them, you cut on sugar and salt.

3. 5 meal plan

Calorie intake totally depends on your weight and goal, a dietician would give you the best count. Divide that count into 5 and start a 5 meal/day plan.

4. Limit Chewing gum

Coolest thing to do is chewing gum but overdoing it causes gas which results in bloated stomach. Replace chewing gum with high fibre fruits and salads.

5. Don’t eat too fast

Digestion begins in our mouth, chewing food more gives you the actual taste and reduces the chances of getting bloated stomach.

 Final word

Don’t try to rush in, our body needs time to adapt to new thing. Set a goal and timelines. Start gradually and eventually you will reach the goal!

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