9 Butt Workouts you should add in your routine

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Squats definitely can make your legs burn but the problems is the same the monotonous routine and working on just one part of leg. Quadriceps (quads), hamstrings and gluteus maximus (glutes) are specifically targeted during workouts done in gym. Effectiveness of squats is at peak when done with weights.

What about situation when you don’t get time to hit gym or you get bored of gym? Only normal squat will not work!

Need a Stunning Butt? Try this complete 9 Butt workouts once a week, do 3 sets of 10 reps of each workout. These butt workouts are designed by Chelsea Dornan, a NYC-based personal trainer, and modeled by Brittany Perille Yobe, a certified personal trainer who’s racked up an Instagram following of more than 1 million people, thanks to the butt-centric workouts she posts.

The Butt Workouts:

These workouts no just work on your legs but also makes your core strong. With these all workouts, you must also keep a track of your diet, you can use HealthifyMe to track your diet.

Love handles are the biggest problem of all and spoils the complete look, check “How to lose love handles quickly”

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