Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review

The new age fitness trackers are more than a step calculator. The band is becoming a full wellness device which can monitor Heart Rate, Calories burned and Sleep Tracking which gave us thought to use and review “Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review”, it’s trending too much on Amazon!

Uniqueness( 10/10):

You’ve to appreciate the AI Based Coaching built by Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band team. AI Based Coach gives the Diet and Workout suggestions as per your goal.

Features (8/10):

Band is definitely a good purchase at the offered price. It’s built with features like dynamic heart rate monitor, sleep monitor with detailed analysis of deep sleep and light sleep.

Missing features are the different modes to track the activity like Swimming and Cycling.

Data Sync(7/10):

Data sync has been the biggest problem with the fitness bands which is same with Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band. It takes time to sync, specially for Heart Rate and Sleep.


Accuracy with Heart Rate goes on toss, it monitors heart rate even if device is not connected to wrist! Steps tracking accuracy is about 95 percent. None of the fitness band we’ve seen are 100 percent accurate.

Battery Life(5/10):

Extremely depressing!
Battery life of band is just two days which is totally not acceptable in this quick moving world. Majority of fitness band’s battery survives for more than 4 days. Band can be charged through any of the USB port. You will not have carry a charger, just the handles of band and it’s ready to charge.


Apart from Battery life and bit of up and downs with Heart Rate Monitor everything else works like a beast with these cool looking band. It’s a good purchase at 1599 INR.

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