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  • Kavita Devi – First Indian Woman to Join WWE!

    Highlights Announce was made by current WWE champion Jinder Mahal Kavita Devi won gold in the 75 kg category at the 2016 South Asian Games Her finishing move is RoundHouse kick WWE is working hard to get there women’s division more energetic and entertaining. She trained under The Great Khali whose run at WWE includes beating the legendary The Undertaker. Hiring Kavita Devi not only create the opportunities for WWE but also helps Indian Athletes in terms […]

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  • 9 Butt Workouts you should add in your routine

    Butt Workouts- Fitosearch

    Squats definitely can make your legs burn but the problems is the same the monotonous routine and working on just one part of leg. Quadriceps (quads), hamstrings and gluteus maximus (glutes) are specifically targeted during workouts done in gym. Effectiveness of squats is at peak when done with weights. What about situation when you don’t get time to hit gym or you get bored of gym? Only normal squat will not work! Need a Stunning […]