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  • Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review

    Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review

    Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review The new age fitness trackers are more than a step calculator. The band is becoming a full wellness device which can monitor Heart Rate, Calories burned and Sleep Tracking which gave us thought to use and review “Boltt Beat HR Fitness Band Review”, it’s trending too much on Amazon! […]

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  • John Cena Workout Routine

    Highlights about John Cena Workout Routine 5 days a week workout High protein diet, above 3000 calories Proper rest, focus and dedication are the keys to success Professional wrestler John Cena used this workout to add 24 pounds of muscle in 7 months. Day 1: Legs and Calves Seated calf raises 10 x 20-10 Standing […]

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  • Top HIIT workouts and circuits

    Top HIIT workouts HIIT workouts has been a new buzz due to quick calories burning formula. HIIT is better than steady running or normal gym workouts.  If you’re​ planning to lose fat, you must do HIIT workout. HIIT workout increases endurance and quality of your muscles, gives you an athletic body shape. If your goal […]