How to improve your BOXING FOOTWORK

Improve Boxing footwork

How to improve boxing footwork

Not able to chase or run away from opponent? Boxing more than physical look, boxing requires skills and speed. Landing punches or running all-round the ring to get rid punches needs speedy boxing footwork.Here are tips to improve boxing footwork

1. Shadowbox

Practice makes you perfect, so as shadowbox. While doing shadowbox aim should be on building coordination between punches and footwork. You can stand still and hit 100 of punches but while moving makes the game.

Shadowbox can be done any where, anytime . If you are bored of it and then should never box with anyone!

2. Range Calculation

If you don’t know your range, you will end up in opponent’s range. You can work on controlling distance by employing footwork to move around a heavy bag or using an object as a focal point (such as an outdoor post or a tower fan). Where ever possible, use a mirror so you can see where your foot placement is and should be.

3. Small steps

Taking small steps helps you to balance your body. Defending your opponent with small steps takes less energy compared to big ones. You should take one or two quick small strides to hit your opponent.

4. Date a dancer

It’s not always punches. Dating a dancer can help you to get a company with whom you can practice boxing footwork. It will give you the different styles of boxing footwork and you may also create one.

5. Plyometric Boxing footwork workouts

Plyometric workouts are designed to explode you body. Explosive sports such as Rugby, MMA and Boxing needs every day practice of plyometric workouts

List of Plyometric workout you should include

  • Ladder drills – using an exercise ladder
  • Box jumps – jumping onto and off a large plyo box.
  • Lateral jumps – jumping from side-to-side from a standing position.
  • Single leg hops – hopping as far as possible on one leg.

6. Jumrope

You’ve probably seen the fancy jump rope tricks Floyd Mayweather Jr. , GGG or Brian Viloria does and you think to yourself “yea, that’s nice, but it won’t help you in a real fight will it?”.

Actually yes. Yes it does. Purely in terms of having a better sense of foot coordination and timing. Obviously, it won’t help you if you’re getting pummeled at an alarming rate; you’d have to fight back in that instance.

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