How to stay healthy in office


How to stay healthy in office

Leading a healthy life at the office is a matter of great concern for each and every working individual.  How to stay healthy in office is biggest question. Going for the right meal, a bit of walking, drinking plenty of water, small exercises and taking breaks are some of the smallest things that can make a change in your lifestyle and help you in leading a much better life at the office.

Below are some of the best tips that will help you get ready for the change that you have been waiting for.
Tip #1
Create a Meal Plan:
Packing lunch saves you money and calories. Go for Fruits, Green Vegetables, Beans, Egg Whites, Chicken and Wheat.
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Tip #2
Drink Plenty Of Water:
Air condition causes dehydration, drinking plenty of water during office helps in recovering body from dehydration.

Tip #3
Instead of using messenger, walk to your colleague. Even 5 minutes walk after lunch will help to re-energize your body and improves the digestion.

Tip #4
Take Breaks:
Breaks give peace of mind and makes your more focused and productive.
If working on Computer for long time, then it’s very important to take breaks to get strain off from eyes. Taking your eyes off in every 20 minutes helps to keep them healthy.

Tip #5
Stay positive
Office is the place where you spend most of your time and definitely at office is pressure is always at peak. Staying positive releases chemical Endorphins, this helps your body to stay mentally healthy.

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